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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Puppets for VBS Program: To the Edge

Earlier this month, our family helped with our church's Vacation Bible School program by doing the puppet shows. This year's theme was "To the Edge - Encounter the God of the Universe." It was hard work and really gave our arms a work-out, but it was a lot of fun, too!

The puppet scripts came with two introductions, two scripts for each day of the week, and two closing scripts. You could choose to use only the scripts with Astro the monkey, or only the scripts with the entire flight crew, or use them all. We used them all. Astro's talk was done during the opening of each day, and the flight crew scene was done during the closing of each day. Astro's talk was shorter, and the kids really love it when the puppets sing a song, so we added a short song at the end of each morning session with Astro. (If you want to know the name of the songs we used, you will see them listed in the information section under each video on You Tube).

We didn't get ALL of the puppet shows recorded, but here are the videos of the ones we did get...

This was done two Sundays before VBS began during the children's sermon, to give an introduction to the kids and workers in our church.

* DAY 1 - ASTRO - "God Cares"

* DAY 2 - ASTRO - "God Knows Everything"

* DAY 2 - FLIGHT CREW - "God Knows Everything"

DAY 3 - "God's Forgiveness" - We didn't get any videos this day.

* DAY 4 - ASTRO - "God's Empowerment"

* DAY 5 - ASTRO - "God's Love"

This was done during the children's sermon on the Sunday after VBS ended.

We did this one during the final closing program for the kids and parents on Sunday night.


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