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THIS SCHOOL YEAR (2018-2019): Our oldest child, EL, finished her formal education in May 2017. She remains at home due to her special needs, and continues to learn with us when she is able. JJ is in 10th grade this year. We intend to homeschool him through High School, and are using a variety of different curriculum choices to complete this goal.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

OT History Continued AND A Cool Eye Trick (CTG Weeks 24-26)

OLD TESTAMENT BIBLE & HISTORY Topics Covered over the past few weeks:
  • The events surrounding Easter/Resurrection Sunday
  • King David & Bathsheba
  • King Solomon & how he turns from God
  • The prophet Elijah vs. the false god Baal
  • Elisha takes Elijah's place
  • Elijah taken up to heaven in a chariot of fire
  • India's Caste System
  • The religions of Hinduism and Buddhism
Here are some pictures...

On Palm Sunday, Road Runner got up on roller skates again for the 3rd time. When we first arrived at the rink, she wasn't thrilled about skating. But, after tightening her skates and having some of her favorite music played, she began enjoying it. We have learned that if you ask her if she wants to do something, she will generally say no if it is an activity she is not used to doing. But, if we want her to try something, we tell her to give it a try and gently ease her into it.

During the week before Easter, we watched The Jesus Movie, read books about Easter, and decorated eggs with some friends.

We spent Easter Sunday with my parents and had the kids search for plastic eggs after lunch.

The following Sunday, we attended another Easter Egg Hunt especially for families with autistic children. I don't have any pictures to share, but it was a beautiful day, and a fun event.


SCIENCE Topics covered:
  • Bugs and Slugs
  • Seeing things at different distances
This is a neat eye trick... roll up a piece of paper into a tube and tape it shut. Look throught it with one eye and, while keeping the other eye open also, put your hand next to the paper about half way down. If you look carefully, you should be able to see through a hole in your HAND! We all tried this and it worked. Very cool to see.

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