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THIS SCHOOL YEAR (2018-2019): Our oldest child, EL, finished her formal education in May 2017. She remains at home due to her special needs, and continues to learn with us when she is able. JJ is in 10th grade this year. We intend to homeschool him through High School, and are using a variety of different curriculum choices to complete this goal.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Decorated Birthday Cake with Sixlets

Our "Road Runner" had a birthday this week!
She said she wanted hot dogs for supper, so we had a cook-out with some friends and were finally able to use the picnic tables I sanded and painted earlier this Summer. The weather was absolutely perfect for being outside!
Road Runner really likes Sixlets candies, so I came up with a way to decorate her cake with them.  Very easy to do, and she loved it. Here is a close-up of the cake:

Items needed to make this cake:
  • Baking pan
  • Boxed cake mix
  • White frosting
  • Green squeeze frosting with decorator tips
  • Sixlets candies
Bake cake as directed on package. Let cool and frost with white frosting. Use green frosting to frame the cake, make grass, and flower stems. Use Sixlets to make flowers and sun. (Note: I had the white Sixlets left over from a wedding my sister-in-law attended, and I used those for the clouds. Not sure where to get those. Maybe a bulk candy store).
Here is a second cake I made, for those who like chocolate.
Now that her birthday is over, its time to begin our new school year. This will be our last week of Summer Break, and we will hopefully begin our 2012-2013 school year on Monday. We will start out slow and try to get back into a routine before beginning our main curriculum. I'm sort of looking forward to it but, at the same time, I'm also a bit nervous. Last year was very difficult for all of us, so I guess I'm just a bit leary about how things will go this year. But, I know the Lord will continue to give my husband and I the strength and wisdom needed. We will press on towards the goal by taking one day at a time.

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  1. It looks to good to eat.
    What a great time you all must have had.

  2. Wish your daughter Happy Birthday!
    May Lord help you to go through next year of teaching kids.


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