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THIS SCHOOL YEAR (2018-2019): Our oldest child, EL, finished her formal education in May 2017. She remains at home due to her special needs, and continues to learn with us when she is able. JJ is in 10th grade this year. We intend to homeschool him through High School, and are using a variety of different curriculum choices to complete this goal.

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Friday, December 5, 2014

HELPFUL WEBSITE: Kelly Christian Academy

For all of you who use My Father's World as your main curriculum, I want to tell you about a very helpful blog:  KELLY CHRISTIAN ACADEMY.

The author, Vicki, has posted educational links to various websites (mostly You Tube) that can be watched to supplement the subjects you are covering. She includes links for Science, History, States and Capitals, Hymns, and more.  AND, they are separated out into the weeks listed in the MFW manuals. Awesome!

We are currently using some of the links she has posted for 1850 To Modern Times (We just finished Week 12). But, she also has separate pages listed for Creation to the Greeks, Rome to the Reformation, and Exploration to 1850.

You can also find links for Jewish Holidays Apologia Science, and Abeka Science.

It is a very helpful site, especially if you like to supplement your book learning with videos. It's a great way to teach your visual learners.

Have a great weekend!

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