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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kitchen Wall Makeover Finally Finished!

Last August (yes, I mean August 2012, which was a year ago), the kids and I started a PROJECT that was just recently finished. The plan was to remove old wallpaper from our kitchen wall, prime and paint the wall, and put up a new wallpaper border.

Last August, I posted pictures of us removing the wallpaper. Then, we had to wait a couple of weeks, due to extreme heat conditions, to do the painting. I never got around to  posting pictures of the painting because I was waiting until the border also got put up, so I could give a final before and after picture. But, then, "life" happened and the border never got put up until a little over a week ago.

So, here are a few more pictures to share of this project, and you can see the final before and after pictures at the end.

As a reminder, this is the BEFORE picture. The wallpaper was too busy for my taste, and it was beginning to peel anyway, so it needed to come down.

Priming the wall

The finished painted wall

David and his dad putting up the border

A close-up of the border
After the border was put up, I felt like there was something still missing in the overall scheme. So, with a little bit of thought, I decided to buy some cheap picture frames at a Dollar Tree store and put some of the leftover border pieces inside them to hang on the wall above the cabinets.

A close-up of a finished picture frame.

And, here is the FINAL product. 

Its not a drastic change, but its a simple one that I am pleased with, and we all worked together as a family to get it done. It was a fun project, even if it did take us a year to finish it.

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